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Patti Bartsch, MA, PhD 

PEMF Success Coach & Prctitioner

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"A great experience!"

“Hiring Patti was money well spent — I emerged from the process with a clear understanding of how to be more productive in my business. The turn-key program I created can easily be converted to meet the needs of additional markets. I don’t have to reinvent the wheel for every new client. In fact, I no longer spend my days spinning my wheels and swirling in ideas that never materialize. Thanks for a great experience Patti! I look forward to your future products and services.”

Rebecca Aldag, Wisconsin

"BOOM!! Patti is the real deal!"

"Kimberly, my wife, and I had our first coaching call with Patti Bartsch last Thursday. It was an A+ experience!! We discussed many items that would help our business grow. Using only one of the items on Friday morning, Kim sold a 24 visit pack!! Talk about ROI??? But wait, there's more!! Using that same strategy, I was able to make a 12 visit sale on Saturday!! BOOM!! Patti is the real deal!! The coaching she gives is very applicable and doable!! If you have a new year’s resolution to grow your business, eliminate the trial and error call Patti!! " 

Blair & Kim Bauman, Ohio

"I wish I had this coaching prior to starting my operation!"

"Wow! We covered a broad range of topics and it was pretty detailed… not just a general overview. 

She was very well prepared — prior to our call she reviewed my website, the content, my FB and YouTube accounts, in addition to reviewing my forms. She gave kudos on the good stuff and made recommendations where she thought improvements could be made. 

We covered several topics, including: sound business practices, scheduling and billing software, developing strategic partnerships, marketing strategies, and target groups to pursue. Patti helped me with a presentation outline that I had been working on that is certainly going to be more effective now, and a lot less effort. Patti has provided me with clear and simple recommendations that I believe are going to be very beneficial to my operation. I think it is also important to mention that she tailored the coaching session to my needs and circumstance. It was not a boilerplate or cookie-cutter coaching plan. 

It is very clear to me why Patti is having so much success in her practice — she is actually walking her talk! 

I am new to the Health & Wellness field, at least from a business perspective. From my point of view her coaching and recommendations were as impactful as the Advanced Training. Now it’s up to me to put her recommendations into action. 

I wish I had this coaching prior to starting my operation! I am sure it would have saved me a couple of stumbles and cash! If you are just starting up a PEMF/Wellness operation, I recommend a coaching session with Patti. It’s easier to start out right than to change things later! Thanks Patti for all your help!" 

Sean Mayer, Washington